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Shipping & Returns

Comfort & Exchange Policy


We hope you will genuinely enjoy your comfort choice, but should you feel another comfort choice is necessary, the following will apply

  1. Processing: knowing that it takes a little time to adjust to your new mattress, our policy will allow for one (1) time comfort exchange UP TO 30 DAYS after 15 days from DELIVERY. If you re-select a mattress that cost less, you will be given the difference in a refund. if it cost more, you will be required to pay the difference related to your comfort.

  2. Exchange: The exchange policy will only be honoured with the purchase of a waterproof mattress Protector from Sleep Better Cheaper at time of purchase. (Mattress Protector if given free at time of purchase from an ongoing sales program qualifies).

  3. Stock: A "Re-Stocking" fee of 20% of the original mattress price plus a charge of $95.00 will be required for the pickup and exchange of your existing and new mattress.

  4. Bed Frames: Adjustable Base purchases ARE NOT an exchangeable or returnable item.

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